Euphoria System 180 Shower system with bath thermostat for wall mounting

Product Number

Product Description

Tailor your perfect shower experience with the versatile GROHE Euphoria 180 shower system with thermostat and bath filler

Bring clean-lined designer style to your bathroom in a shower system built for great performance and function – the GROHE Euphoria 180 shower system with thermostat and bath filler. The Euphoria Cosmopolitan 180mm head shower features the soothing and soft Rain Spray to relax you. The arm of the head shower swivels through 180º for added versatility and GROHE DreamSpray ensures an even flow of water from every nozzle. The Euphoria 110mm Massage hand shower offers 3 different spray patterns to suit your mood: there’s a gentle Rain Spray, the water-efficient SmartRain and a revitalising Massage Spray. GROHE TurboStat technology means that the shower’s temperature will stay constant with no nasty fluctuations and GROHE EcoJoy reduces water usage without compromising on comfort. Family-friendly, it also features the GROHE SafeStop button which can limit the temperature to 38°C to prevent scalding and an Inner WaterGuide that keeps surfaces cool to the touch. Easy to clean, the SpeedClean silicone nozzles  can be brushed free of limescale with just your finger, and the dazzling GROHE Starlight chrome finish is a scratch-resistant surface that will stay sparkling for years to come. It has a short pipe (1016mm) between the thermostat and the upper bracket. 

  • consisting of:
  • horizontal swivable 450 mm shower arm
  • exposed thermostat with Aquadimmer function
  • allows change between:
  • head shower 1 spray (27 491)
  • Rain
  • chrome plated spray face
  • with ball joint
  • rotation angle ± 15°
  • bath inlet
  • separate diverter for hand shower
  • hand shower 3 sprays (27 221)
  • Rain, SmartRain, Massage
  • adjustable in height with gliding element
  • Silverflex shower hose 1750 mm (28 388 000)
  • distance between thermostat and upper bracket: 1016 mm
  • GROHE TurboStat compact cartridge with wax thermoelement
  • GROHE DreamSpray perfect spray pattern
  • GROHE SprayDimmer
  • GROHE StarLight chrome finish
  • SpeedClean anti-lime system
  • Inner WaterGuide for a longer life
  • rotation cone for Twistfree-function
  • suitable for instantaneous heaters from 18 kW/h

Technical Information

CAD Data

Spare Parts

Pos.-nr. Prod. description Order-nr.
* Optional accessories
1 Metal handle 1/2" 47984000
1.1 Cover cap 6458500M
2 Aquadimmer 47364000
3 Water flow 47887000
4 Fitting ring 47743000
5 Thermostatic compact cartridge 1/2" 47439000
6 Diverter knob 65648000
7 Non-return valve 47189000
7.1 Dirt Strainer 0726400M
7.2 Non-return valve 08565000
7.3 O-ring ø 17 x ø 2 0305500M
8 S-union 12662000
9 Diverter 65655000
10 Non-return valve 08565000
11 Mousseur 13926000
12 Dirt strainer 0700200M
13 Glide element 12140000
14 Fibre seal dia. Ø 18,5 x Ø 12 x 2 0138900M
15 Dirt strainer 48007000
16 Shower bar holder 48279000
17 Thermo-element 1/2" for changed waterways 47175000*
18 Socket Spanner 19332000*
19 Compensation disc 27180000*
20 Special spanner 19377000*
21 Shower arm for shower systems 14047000*