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Everyday Hygiene Tips

By following basic personal hygiene rules, you can protect yourself and others. We have summarised the most important points for you. Find them here!

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Hygiene in the home

Even simple measures can improve the cleanliness of our homes. Armed with a hygiene plan and expert tips, you can take action against germs that cause illnesses.

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Hygiene rules for the kitchen

Following hygiene rules in the kitchen helps to keep germs at bay. After all, food is particularly susceptible to contamination. Here’s how to stay healthy.

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Food Hygiene: What to consider

Germs in food, such as bacteria, can upset your stomach. These tips on shopping, storing, and preparing food help you keep these germs at bay.

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Tips & Tricks

Tips for Keeping Your Hands Clean & Hygienic

Paying attention to proper hand hygiene is key to avoiding the transmission of germs. Our hygiene tips will help you do just that!

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Hygiene Tips For
Everyday Life

By following simple rules for general hygiene, you can protect yourself and others. We have summarised the most important points.

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Hand Washing:
How Hand Hygiene Works

Washing hands helps to eliminate germs on your palms as well as prevent diseases. You can find out how proper hand hygiene works here!

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Hand Washing For Children:
How To Go About It

Children can have difficulty with proper hand hygiene. Find out how to teach children how to wash their hands in a playful way.

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ease of use

  • Non-contact fittings with reliable sensors.
  • Water jet activated by hand movement.
  • Water-saving as
    only the required amount of water is released.
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  • Hygienic hand washing
    without touching the tap.
  • Prevents the transmission of germs.
  • Intelligent technology for impeccable hygiene.
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  • Automatic flushing prevents stagnant water in pipes.
  • Lack of dead spaces in the fitting to prevent stagnant water.
  • Thermal disinfection against bacteria, legionella bacteria and other germs.
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